Are you still uncertain about
using blockchain to grow your business ?

SquadX is building blockchain services that extend far beyond financial sector service.

Why the urgency ?

The current world of blockchain and cryptocurrency is filled with uncertainties and speculations. The rising influence of speculation is hurting the industry and only logic and awareness will impart the required clarity.

SquadX is striving to create blockchain and cryptocurrency services that will enable faster adoption and experimentation in these segments.

Our methodology



We believe active collaboration is the most efficient way to reduce uncertainties in upcoming technologies. In algebra we generally need assistance of more than one variable to solve for X, at SquadX we adopt the same approach to solve complexities around blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

At SquadX we believe blockchain will play key role in reshaping the future of world economics. Blockchain can help up restoring the balance upon rising division in society by creating decentralised solutions that promote
distributive economy and businesses.

Work Areas

Listed are the X's we are trying to solve at SquadX

ICO services

ICO's have shown immense potential for acquiring funds and making some of the big ideas a reality. At SquadX, we help you solve the puzzle of ICO with our expert rated KPIs and matrix ensuring a successful ICO.

Block chain services

• Smart Contracts •
Blockchain based smart contract solutions can assist us in creating fully automated models thus reducing verification and networking costs.
Are you an industry looking to implement smart contracts ?

Crypto currency services

• Algo trading •
Our trading solutions are based on mathematics and logic, thus reducing the risks associated with sentimental events and thus creating a more trustworthy infrastructure.
Your money is safe with us !

• Crypto exchange services •
We're developing highly secure and fast cryptocurrency exchanges with advanced easy to use features enabling a trader with little or no know how to trade.
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Forming partnerships will help create the cult of coffee