Blockchain For Sheet- A Google Sheets Addon

Proof of Entry: Once the user fills up the Google form or enters a value in Google sheet, his/her record will be sent directly to the Blockchain and a proof for this entry will be added to the sheet. Against each row in the Sheet, a column will automatically appear which contains the transaction hash of each entry in the row. The records on the Blockchain can be viewed by simply searching the transaction hash on the public Ethereum ledger (testnet).

For whom this add-on is designed?

  • Accountants
  • Merchants who want to keep an immutable record for their each and every transaction.
  • Bankers
  • All enthusiasts who want a get a gist of how data is stored in an immutable fashion on the Blockchain.
  • Note: Currently the tool is working on testnet and hence you may face delays in verification on blockchain if working on large data sets.
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